December Update

On the set of A Lower Power in Alameda.

For the past three weeks, I've been back and forth between LA and SF, even in a matter of 24 hours (driving), shooting a feature and a webseries--coming from the person who used to gripe about taking BART twice a day to audition in the city.

- Shot last scene of principal photography on A Lower Power in San Mateo

- Shot more of A Lower Power in SF

- Auditioned for a series regular in a webseries pilot, Village Idiots

- Shot more of the EXIT Stage Left webseries in SF

- Shot more of A Lower Power in SF, Alameda, Berkeley

- Shot my character's intro scene in the feature A Lower Power at UC Berkeley

Still from "Party Pooper"

Party Pooper is a dark comedy about five teens who get stoned off their ass and trouble ensues--hilarious trouble.

November Update

Wow, I am just stunned at the blessings in my career right now. Thank you, Jebus!

- Shot more of the EXIT Stage Left webseries in SF

- Auditioned for a reserved, yet secretly promiscuous woman in the comedic noir The Fairfax Files

- EXIT Stage Left teaser and Lowry Theater Company website launch
- Booked "Malthus"!
- Called by the writer of American Tract to come back and perform for an investors reading in January

- Auditioned for a sketch, Malthus, in a new comedy webseries as a wannabe Wiccan who gets possessed by a demon

- Shot more of the EXIT Stage Left webseries in SF
- Night Fliers is finishing post

- Booked feature Joe as Nora, the tough and sassy cocktail waitress

- Callback for noir feature Joe

- Booked webseries EXIT Stage Left as Jill Baynor, the stage manager who sees all and butts heads with the clueless director--shoots in SF

- Booked short Ocean Shark (Jaws meets Airplane!) as Mary, the horny teenager who meets her fate at the opening of the film

- Shot Pain in the AZ (fka Crazy Family)

- Audition for series regular in My Profile Story produced by Effin Funny

- Table read for A Lower Power

October Update

- Booked Crazy Family!!
- Booked Emanicpated!!
- Audition, Ocean Shark (Jaws meets Airplane!)

- Went on my first go-see (print audition) in LA for UNIQLO as a giggly nerdy girl.
- Attended Bonnie Gillespie's book party for the 3rd ed. of Self-Management for Actors. Find my face and thoughts on day jobs on p. 358!
- Callback for Emancipated as a deeply wounded, borderline psychotic teenager who acts out sexually as a result of past abuse.

- Auditioned for a short, Jefferson as an egocentric, arrogant and stubborn member of a two-person electronic band.

- Auditioned for a webseries Crazy Family as a sane girl living with her boyfriend's, um, crazy family, as well as the Wiccan goth sister in the family.
- Participated in a non-profit shoot to support Obama in a picture series called, i am Obama (See 221/315)
- Auditioned for a short Life's Dance which was an homage to Charlie Chaplin.

- Auditioned for the feature Untitled Mockumentary Comedy Pt. 1 and improv'd a drunk physics teacher, a horny and hippie youth counselor and a New England homeless crank. Plus I whipped out my retainer and hoodie and brought CJ the wigga back for a quick monologue.
- Auditioned for new webseries Centerpoint: Genesis as the starring role, a bubbly and reserved girl with special powers who's going to save the world!
- Auditioned for an AFI thesis, Life on Earth cast by Twinkie Byrd. Last time I auditioned for her was as a featured player in a Boys Like Girls music video.

- Auditioned for series regular in a new webseries from the gang at Iron Sink, Hoovers as a community college student who spends her time online, talking with friends about various dates and guys that she'd like to date

- Callback for Generation Y

- Bonnie leaves the best rejection voice-mail ever: "[Y]ou were really awesome and just one of the strongest people we saw, and [the director and producers] were in awe of you."
- Audition for fundraiser webseries, Couple of Friends where I play an airhead Texan.

- My first audition for Bonnie Gillespie after reading her column for years! It was an audition-slash-producer session for a series regular on an improvised pilot, How I Survive High School as a fast-thinking, argumentative, potty-mouthed big sister.

- Attended a fundraiser for the lovely Ileane Rusch who was beset with breast cancer. The event was put on by the great Seth Coltan of IndustryRSVP, moderated by casting director Ivy Isenberg and had a large guest panel of agents, managers and casting directors.

- Auditioned for a feature Umami as a caustic and elitest former sorority girl turned infomercial producer
- Auditioned for a short Generation Y as a judgmental yet lovable nerd
- Met casting director Billy DaMota personally, having auditioned for him in the past, at the Creative Actors Alliance brunch