September Update

-Booked guest role, Ronnie, in the quirky and fun series The Best Friend!
-America's Court episode is now on IMDB
-Audition; hero role in two commercials

-America's Court episode airs in Northern California and is slated to run across the country!
-Audition; guest lead in a physically comedic original series

-Audition and callback; title role in the film Jenny, the sassy town rebel, to be shot on location in Washington.

-Audition; lead in a new sketch web series
-Audition; quirky cameo in a film as a psycho bipolar online date

August Update

This has been the highest number of auditions I've had in a single month all year!

-Shot an episode of
as Kylie, the nanny that stole the husband
-Audition; Goth vlogger in new series Shooters and I got booked on the spot!!


-Audition; guest spot on new TV show
-Audition; series regular in an Internet pilot as Samantha, the girlfriend who tries to act ghetto

-Callback; lead in the comedy feature Worth the Weight as Ginger, a sweet personal trainer
-Audition; lead in pilot as Emma, the cute and unassuming passionate environmentalist

-Audition; went in for a supporting role on Worth the Weight as a drunk floozie (which I played very convincingly, with no thanks to my lack of experience), and ended up reading for the lead and getting a callback!

-Audition; featured spot in All Start Weekend's next music video "Come Down With Love"

-Audition; title role in the hilarious film Sarah and the Sock Puppet
-Audition; featured spot in UnF--kH8, a PSA against Prop 8

-Audition; lead in film The Big Secret as Ally, the typical sassy teenage daughter

-Audition; lead in film as a new military recruit eager to leave but with nowhere to go

-Audition; host of new Internet sketch show