11/17: Auditioned to play Gilda Radner in the Falcon Theatre's run of Bunny, Bunny

11/13: My cameo in Project Hollywood episode 5 (created by by Scott Kieffer Johnson) goes live! I play Gwen, a frightening punk rocker pyro

11/8: Creative writing session with my Daily Fiber Films compadres for future sketches

11/6: Performed in two sketches for We Make Movies sketch/improv night! I played an overly-excitable reality show contestant and a timid new employee at a horrible restaurant.

11/5: Attended the SAG Conservatory panel with CDs Russell Scott and Josh Einsohn--who I last saw at an audition after both teaching at the Young Actor's Theatre Camp in northern California.

11/4: Attended a SAG-AFTRA workshop with CD Melissa Delizia and cold-read the shiznit out of a scene as a sassy, sexy junior lawyer


10/30: Went to the callback for the US Cellular spot and got to improv with a giant stuffed animal

10/29: Success--got a callback for the US Cellular spot!
- Participated in an AFI audition class with Heidi Levitt
- Table read for the pilot of the web series Burbank Academy of Drama (B.A.D.). I play Heather, the innocent Canadian with big dreams

10/28: Auditioned for a US Cellular commercial as loving young wife of a kooky husband

10/23: Performed in We Make Movies improv game night

10/9: Performed in We Make Movies improv night. I was cast in a record three pieces: Girls Night In, Foreign Exchange, and H.R. Nightmares.

10/8: Table read for new action-drama series Beauty School by Douglas Knox

From the table read of the upcoming series Beauty School


- Shot two sketches for the fantabulous Daily Fiber Films
- Callback for the film Aunt Lena!

9/14: Auditioned for the daughter in an awkward family centered around in Aunt Lena by Jay Levy.

9/11: Performed in We Make Movies improv night for the development of upcoming web series The MatchBreaker by Felix Werner.

9/4: Performed in the final installment of the feature screenplay reading of From Here On as Lora, the young woman with an abusive past and stunted mental growth.


8/31: Recorded final v/o for the audio sci-fi/drama I'm the lead in, Blue Rose

8/27: Shot new amazing headshots with photographer extraordinaire James DePietro and mad-talented make-up and hair stylist Keston Ridley (Dr. Horrible, The Guild, Hard Candy).

8/17: Attended the red carpet premiere for the launch of the Project Hollywood web series. I guest star as Gwen, the spoon-burning punker with daddy issues.

 (Left) With director/writer, Scott Kieffer Johnson
- Performed in a tremendous improv sketch, Filmmakers with Vaginas by Angela Landis, as Rosemarie, the Texan Christian homemaker turned visionary filmmaker.
- Auditioned for the lead in a short, Cherry, the bitchy self-centered girl who's all about the best party in town.

8/12: Self-taped for an H.R. industrial.

8/7: Performed in From Here On by Patrick Duncan as Lora, the psychologically repressed daughter of a Southern family who's chronologically 22 years old, but thinks she's 12, and behaves as if she's 7.

- My episode of Bare Nekked Chef: Nibbles #4 goes live! Check it out!
- Stunt training class with Screen Fighters! It brought me back to some of my basic parkour training. 


7/24: Performed in Life-Sized Godzilla by Yo Frank and Alex Duong, as Jude, the cool-ass geek chick.

7/22: Shoot day 2 for the audio sci-fi drama, Blue Rose. I got to try on my reporter voice which was so... official. ;)

7/18-21: At Comic-Con, baby! I worked for HBO/Cinemax dressed as a sexy Amish girl promoting the series Banshee. It was awesome.

7/10: Narrated in a staged reading at the We Make Movies film collective.

- Self-taped for a lead in a dramedy web series as a troubled artist. Didn't book it but the director personally thanked me and said I was one of the top choices. Gotta love notes like that. :)
- Attended the SAG LifeRaft panel for pilot casting.

7/1: First day of filming the Burbank Academy of Drama (BAD) web series! I play a wannabe playboy bunny from Canada ready to make her mark on Hollywood.


6/30: Table read for the amazing new web series, RomAntics!! Produced by Matthew Bridges, starring Josephine Leffner.

6/27: Rehearsal for the Burbank Academy of Drama (BAD) web series!

6/25: Auditioned for a supporting role as the depressed and lonely wife of a diplomat and got the waterworks going.

6/22: Volunteered at the LACasting.com seminar with guest speaker Killian McHugh.

Summer lovin'!!

 On set of Bare Nekked Chef


6/17: Self-taped for the romantic lead in a fun web series

6/15: Shot day one for Blue Rose

6/12: Attended a great and intimate SAG event with the illustrious CD Ronna Kress (Gatsby, Moulin Rouge, Notting Hill)

6/10:  Rehearsal for Blue Rose with brilliant actor, and great friend, Evan O'Brien in the male lead

6/4: Table read for the pilot Burbank Academy of Drama. I play Heather, a beautiful and overly-optimistic Canadian transplant.

My cameo in Bare Nekked Chef AND Breezy both air! I love improv-friendly sets most of all.

6/1: Cast in an awesome new webseries, Burbank Academy of Drama! Plus, the last day of my commercial class, followed by the table read for Blue Rose


5/18: Reunited with Meg Mormon and Sunny Boling at the LACasting seminar

5/15: Another great night at We Make Movies (and who knew you could be complimented so much as the narrator? :))

5/11: Started Killian McHugh's month-long commercial class

5/9: Auditioned for a recurring role in a new black comedy web series, followed by the news that I booked Blue Rose!

5/8: Shot my scene for the web series pilot, Breezy, although I had to push through it with a cold. I was super excited and happy to be working opposite the fabulous Kelly Mullis!

Afterwards I headed to my callback for Blue Rose


4/29: Auditioned to be a scare actor for The Great Horror Campout! I dug up my most creepy voice for this. ;)

4/28: Table read for a play

4/26: Writers meeting for my upcoming comedy series with co-creator Melissa Ciesla, followed by an awesome wrap party for the first season of Project Hollywood

4/24: Got a callback for Blue Rose!

4/21: Audition for the lead in Blue Rose, a sci-fi podcast drama

4/20: Writers meeting with Melissa Ciesla to discuss rewrites on our web series

4/17: Performing again with We Make Movies in a dramatic turn

4/15: Meeting with Breezy creator, Bri Giger, to discuss my role

4/14: Photo shoot with Lionfly Headshots, followed by a creative meeting with a writer to begin works on a new web series venture I'm spearheading.

4/12: Cast in a web series pilot, Breezy, with the wonderfully talented Bri Giger!
Also continued working on my web series with co-creator Melissa Ciesla.

Still from Horror Haiku: Moonlit Walk

4/10: My Horror Haiku episode airs!
Plus, I play an uber-serious business exec at We Make Movies improv night

4/6: Read for the spunky sidekick in a kickass new web series

4/3: Shot two episodes of the Bare Nekked Chef with Daily Fiber Films' fantastically multi-talented actor/writer/producer Raymond McAnally!

 Still from Unicorn Factory


3/28: Read for the villian in a fun web series: "an attractive, irritable, condescending female assassin who enjoys berating her partner almost as much as she relishes carving up victims."

3/26: My BrevityTV sketch Unicorn Factory goes live! It's unicorns like you've never seen them before.

 Still from Unicorn Factory

3/25: Attended the East West Player's ABC Diversity Panel

3/18: Read for the lead in another sci-fi project

3/16: Table read for a sci-fi drama. I played the lead, Melissa, a wannabe journalist in way--way--over her head.

3/13: Rocked the house at We Make Movies' improv night as a Brit with a tea addiction

3/11: Put myself on tape for the lead in a feature shooting in Michigan

3/6: Performed in We Make Movies as Melinda: "the fact that her husband left her for another man tends to color her feelings about all men." Fun role!!

Starting the new year with a BANG!

Boy howdy, it's been a crazy busy year already!! Lucky number 2013. :) Plus, between all of these auditions and shoots, I've been doing informal cold-read workouts with a few fellow actors one to two times a week. I'm officially acting full time!

2/26: Auditioned for a recurring role in a sketch web series.

2/24: Shot an episode for Seraph Films' popular Horror Haiku series. So much fun!! Just too bad I lost my voice the next day from screaming at a monster.

2/23: Started the day shooting a hilarious sketch for BrevityTV.com, reuniting for my third project with them! I broke for a long lunch to audition for spot at ASG Casting, then raced back to set to finish the shoot!

2/22: Got a very last minute call to step in to shoot a comedic sketch for BrevityTV tomorrow since sadly their actress fell ill.

2/21: Had a callback for a Hallmark project. Every one was super friendly--and it makes all the difference. That night I attended a SAG Foundation workshop with Nancy Nayor's associate, Lindsey Weissmueller, who was super easy-going and fun.

2/20: Received a callback notice to read for the lead in the Hallmark project!

2/19: Auditioned for the lead in a short as a bossy, gothy teen, a supporting role in a Hallmark project, and the lead in an apocalyptic short as a jaded and brave young woman... yup, all in one day!

2/11: Auditioned for the lead in a film as a brassy, punk-rock chick as well as a quirky host in a new web comedy news show

2/13: The vegan Doritos commercial I was cast in is now on YouTube!

2/9: Submitted a recording for a v/o gig

2/6: Performed at We Make Movies in I AM JoeLarryNickStevePedro by Emily Habeck alongside the beautiful √Član O'Connor and funnyman Nathan Paul.

2/5: Attended a SAG Conservatory panel with amazing speakers such as actor Jason George (Grey's Anatomy) and CD Pam Dixon (Zorro films, Tremors, The Craft...), moderated by the wonderful Lee Garlington.

1/31: Auditioned for the lead in a heavy dramatic indie as an emotionally abused young wife and also picked up the prints of my new main headshot, huzzah!

1/30: Performed in We Make Movies' improv night amongst some of my new favorite faces

1/25: Voted in the SAG awards for my first time!!

1/22: Self-taped for the lead in a dramatic web series and got booked to shoot the cover of a horror magazine as a goth gogo model!

1/18: Auditioned via Skype with Frederator Studios in NYC! They're the team behind Adventure Time, Fairly Odd Parents and more... It was an honor above all else.

1/16: Began co-writing a web series with fellow amazingly talented actress Melissa Ciesla!

1/10: Auditioned for the lead in a sci-fi feature followed by reading for the lead in an awesome comedic film as a charismatic, perky and odd new-agey bohemian

1/9: Performed in a stage reading as the lead in a romantic comedy at We Make Movies to a fantastic applause, alongside fantastic actors Melissa Ciesla and Skyler Caleb

1/8: Auditioned for the lead in a very funny short

1/6: Auditioned for a pilot as the beautiful, edgy and tough loving stage manager of a rock venue

2012 Looking back

While honestly 2012 wasn't my favorite year career-wise thusfar, it was still full of tons of amazingly fun moments...

In December, I shot a new round of headshots, shot a guest spot in a web series, was cast in an indie project and gave an awesome improv performance at We Make Movies' Holiday show.

In November, I did my first looping/walla gig and finished shooting the Doritos commercial and had a blast with both!!

October was full of lots of great auditions and I began shooting on a pro-veg Doritos commercial.

I went in for a role on Glee and met with director Brad Falchuk, began studying with Matthew Barry, casting director of The Notebook and Rush Hour films, and I was cast in an episode of Screen Junkies in September.

In August I shot a cameo in the web series Project Hollywood and had the whole crew cracking up with my improvised poetry.

July was full of lots of great auditions and I began being managed by Committed Artists Entertainment in June.

Updated my reel with new footage in May.

In April I shot a period project and in February my episode of obSETHed with Eric Roberts went live!

What a year!!!