April Update

LA Comedy Shorts Fest (shortest red carpet ever)

-Volunteered for monthly duties at the LA Casting seminar featuring lively guest speaker, CD Patrick Baca!

-Received a callback for Fly Home!

-Audition: Goth friend in the pilot, Mr. James

-Audition: second time in for Twinkie Byrd Casting, on a promo as an I.T. girl

-Audition: Lead in the film Fly Home with CD Brad Gilmore as a 16yo girl going on 20; smoking, flirting with older boys and the like.

-Audition: Brevity TV sketch comedy troupe

4/18 & 19
-Shoot: Series regular in an improv-based pilot helmed by Jay Silverman (The Cleaner). I got to work hands-on with rabbits, a snake, a goat (who peed during a take), and a bearded lizard=JOY!

-Shoot: Played the "hot chick" in a safe sex spoof PSA--sooo funny!

-Shoot: Brit rocker for Jake & Maggie Gyllenhaal's TV/film director dad, Stephen's newest project, Reenactment of Dreams

-Audition: Series Regular for a pilot by the co-creator behind the Blair Witch Project

-Booked the pilot!!

4/13 (all in one day, it's just how I roll)
-Shoot: sketch for Somebody's Basement online sketch show. Lots of laughs from the audience is always a great sign.

-Callback: sassy/agro punk rocker for an improvised Reno 911!-style pilot and was met with many generous compliments from director/producer Jay Silverman (The Cleaner)

-Audition: partially improv'd session for lead in a dramedy as a troubled girl looking for love

-Audition: comedic spoof PSA (this was a same-day audition notice/request--gotta be prepared for anything any time)

-Got the call for the pilot's callbacks tomorrow!

-Finished class at Upright Citizens Brigade with a great grad show

-Attended the LA Shorts Comedy Fest to support my friends' badass film Trigger Happy. Many memorable moments happened at the award ceremony following the screening, which included meeting some super talented (and friendly!) well-known comedic actors and me trying not to say anything completely stupid.

-Rehearsal: prepping for the big UCB improv grad show tomorrow!

-Audition: Self-taped submission for Stephen Gyllenhaal project

-Audition: sassy punk rocker in a
Reno 911!-style pilot with the cheerful (and shoeless) CD Nick Anderson

-Audition: Kind of crashed an audition for Break.com. I auditioned for them last fall and was certain they loved my work in spite of not casting me, so I paid them a visit to see if they weren't swamped and would see me and they totally let me read for them. Phew! Precious gas not wasted.

-Audition: lead in horror feature The Haunting of Salem. Maybe I'm being too critical, but my read was a bit horroble. Ayo!

-Rehearsal: sketch for Somebody's Basement online sketch show. Potty humor, anyone?