June Update

Prepping for last scene in the 48 Hour shoot

- A Lower Power has been accepted into the Central Florida Film Festival

- Performed the LIVE season finale of EXIT Stage Left for hundreds of viewers. This is a first for a multi-camera web production. Many props to showrunner Sinohui Hinojosa and the production team!!
- EXIT Stage Left is now one of the coveted web series on IMDB

- Night Fliers premiers at Frameline in San Francisco with a happy, sold-out audience. I played Danielle, the angsty, punk step-sister.


- Shoot; season finale of EXIT Stage Left

- Audition; nerdy girl in Adam Rifkin's new episodic Look, based on the film
- Mop Up My Love screens for the San Francisco 48HFP

- 48 Hour shoot Mop Up My Love's behind-the-scenes slideshow is on YouTube
- Audition; Dove, the wannabe actress/glorified extra in the film Supernumerary: The Musical

- Shoot; my first time in the San Francisco 48 Hour Film Project. I played Lily, the hot music intern. This is my third reunion with director Colin Murray and first project with 411 Prods.