Non-stop insanity! (I like it)


5/27: Read as the comedic oddball yet confident best friend in a staged reading of Jackless Jill at We Make Movies.

5/26: Workshopped at SAG-AFTRA for indie casting director Ricki G. Maslar, one of the most uplifting actor advocates, as part of the union's Casting Access Project.

5/23: Auditioned for the lead in a web series for an endlessly optimistic, likable, driven overachieving student who is discovered to be deeply depressed.

5/13: Performed as varsity cheerleader captain, Chelsea, in a workshop reading of 4H at We Make Movies

5/12 & 13: Worked an awesome event where I played a disaster victim in a triage training program at Raleigh Studios

With a leg wound that gushed at the click of a button!

5/8: Self-taped for the lead in a feature as Ellie, a happy girl who suffers from narcolepsy, and later becomes a spirit channel to the other side.

5/6: Performed in We Make Movies' improv night!

5/5: Callback for the pilot and I had to improvise in character as a doctor and afterwards the director said, "I feel like I wanna ask you about my personal conditions now." Hooray for excelling at biology in school! He also gave me the nicest compliment that I was "capable of being aggressive without getting loud and angry, which not many can do."
-  Attended the SAG Conservatory panel with CDs Liz Dean (The Kids Are All Right), Alyssa Weisberg (new Star Trek-s, Carrie Diaries, Mission Impossible-s), and Bruce H. Newberg (Bad Teacher, The Closer).

With Jes and Lora filmmaker, Patrick Duncan

5/3: Jes and Lora premieres at the Walnut Creek International Short Film Fest to a sold-out audience!
- Jes and Lora was accepted into LA Cinefest's online contest!


4/28: Jes and Lora was announced to premiere at the Walnut Creek International Short Film Fest in northern CA the following week!!!

4/27: Auditioned for a pilot as a medical doctor.

4/21: Shot a scene for the crowdfunding campaign for In A Town Called Silverton

4/18: volunteered at the monthly seminar with special guest theatrical CD Amey René Morris who was wonderfully honest and giving.

4/17: Day 2 shooting the Las Vegas-centered sizzle and got to be arrested by the best actor officer in town, Al Burke!
- Auditioned for the AFI thesis The Widow as the media-harassed widow of the Boston marathon bomber. One of the most challenging roles I've been asked to play.

4/15: Auditioned for a lead in a film as Val, a scrappy, rough and tumble girl, graffiti artist and blogger.
- Read But I Know What I Like at We Make Movies staged reading workshop as Julia Mendez, a curator of European and Hispanic Art, though still feels like a novice in her industry.

4/12: Screening of a fine cut of Jes and Lora for We Make Movies' monthly screening series at Three Clubs in Hollywood.

4/11: Shot a sizzle for an adventure show and learned how to drive stick!

4/10: Auditioned for a high profile music video that called upon some deep feels.
- Shot scenes for the insane Las Vegas story sizzle. I played a newlywed with stability issues.

4/7: Production meeting with the director of a comedic show sizzle I was cast in


3/28: Final rehearsal and the big performance for One Axe Plays' Smart by Melanie Kirschbaum & Alexandra Decas, directed by the illustrious Tamar Halpern, with fabulous showcase organizer April Wolfe.
 - volunteered at the monthly seminar with special guest commercial CD Terry Berland!

3/26: Second rehearsal for Smart. This was the craziest week/month of memorization between two showcases and a one hour tour (essentially, monologue) for Universal!

3/25: After two weeks of hardcore training and tons of memorization, I passed my test at Universal and officially became a staffed Tour Guide!
- Performed in We Make Movies' acting showcase!

At Theatre Asylum for We Make Movies Member Showcase

3/24: Rehearsal for One Axe Plays' Smart with wonderful director Tamar Halpern.

3/23: Final rehearsal for We Make Movies' acting showcase

3/22: Table read for Fiona And Her Expanding Vertical Spectrum

3/15: Second rehearsal for the We Make Movies acting showcase

3/14: Chemistry reads for Smart to find the perfect actress to play the BFF counterpart.

3/11: Rehearsal for We Make Movies acting showcase with my scene partner, the hilarious and talented Tony Mouleart.
- Performed in We Make Movies improv night as a girl pretending to be much older and more sophisticated than she really is.

3/8: Callback for Smart as Alex, slightly more together girl than her roommate and BFF but insufferably judgmental.

3/4: Participated in a MediocreFilms prank video
- Read Jackie And Jill by Jacqueline Steiger at We Make Movies as Jackie, a short, fiery, nerdy, passionate, prone to overthinking and using too many words, adorable and awkward young woman who romantically and nerdily proposes to her girlfriend.


2/28: Auditioned  for One Axe Plays' Smart
- volunteered at the monthly seminar with special guest commercial CD Renita!

2/27: Self-taped for the improv-friendly short February as the scorned ex-BFF. 

2/23: Attended the LA Actors Tweetup with guest Jeremy "Flash" Gordon.
- Auditioned for One Axe Plays' Potty Mouth.
2/20: Did a shoot interacting with an iPad app for a trade show video
- Booked the Converse print ad!

2/19: Staged reading of America, USA

2/13: Print audition for Converse

2/8: Did looping/ADR for the fun dance film High Strung

2/6: Shot a print ad for The Violet Vixen's gorgeous corsets with handsome and funny CollegeHumor talent Zac Oyama:

2/4: Read Bianca And Rosa at We Make Movies as Evelina, a Russian immigrant with aristocratic manners yet a kind demeanor.