2014 Catch-up!

Still from The Reason


5/28: Performed in We Make Movies' reading of 50 Shades of Single by Jamie Suraci as Cari, a girl who has terrible luck with sex with her cats as her only friends.

5/25: Cast in iO West's Sketch Pool sketch show for June! Directed by Blake Hogue.

5/22: Second callback for Stupid Fights -and- CAST as the female lead!

5/16: Callback for web series/pilot Stupid Fights!! Improv for the win!

5/7: Performed in hilarious tongue-firmly-in-cheek sketch by Patrick Duncan Who's Got the Biggest Dick as well as an improv about two rival wealthy gangs at We Make Movies. 

5/6: Audition for film as the young wife who's fed up with her useless and selfish husband

5/5: Now commerically rep'd by The Happen Agency!!!

5/4: Audition for new improv-friendly web series-slash-pilot Stupid Fights 

5/3: Met for commercial representation with Randi at The Happen Agency


4/26: Recorded ADR for The Reason

4/21: Filmed Corporate Dialects at YouTube Space LA!

4/20: Rehearsed sketch Corporate Dialects

4/16: Performed heart-touching role of Sister Eden, a young woman raised in a commune who manages to escape in the piece Defect by Paul D. Hart at We Make Movies. 

4/9: Audition for a friend's pilot Mother Fakers as a (comically) crazy crackhead mom willing to rent her young son on Craigslist.

 About to get my cray-cray on for this audition!

Then performed in a great sketch as the perfect girl who just happens to be a robot, and an uncomfortably funny improv about who's done dirtier deeds, the grand-daughter (me) or her grandparents at We Make Movies.

From the reading of E. Nigma

4/2: Perform in a producer's reading of E. Nigma by Robert Keniston as Harley Quinzel!

4/1: From being featured on one major casting site to the other! I'm the first, actually, featured actor on Casting Networks (LA Casting) with a full Q&A!! Check it out here!


3/19: I'm the featured actor on Breakdown Express and Actors Access today!

3/16: Cast in the sketch Corporate Dialects to film at YouTube Space LA!

3/10: Audition for fun role as a gangster's #1 girl and got to improv and get all ghetto on another ho

3/5: Performed in Brett Fleisher's piece Prisoners to the Pull as a young and somewhat awkward woman pining after a young and somewhat awkward man who pines after another.

3/3: Day 8 on set of The Reason!
3/2: Day 7 on set of The Reason!

3/1: Self-tape audition for the lead in a feature as Amy, whose strength is fading to remain the rock for her boxer girlfriend


 Goofing on set of The Reason. Filming a drama shouldn't be serious all the time!

2/24: Day 6 on set of The Reason!

2/22: Volunteering at the LA Casting seminar with special guest Chad Ritterbach

Filming at a beautiful church in The Reason
2/21: Day 5 on set of The Reason!
2/20: Day 4 on set of The Reason! 
2/19: Day 3 on set of The Reason!

2/18: Day 2 on set of The Reason followed by an audition for an awesome play by a woman-created  theatre group.

2/17: Begin shooting The Reason!!

2/12: Table read for The Reason followed by a performance in the audience choice-winning sketch Corporate Dialects.

 Reading of Corporate Dialects with Jim McCaffree and Brendan Weinhold at We Make Movies

2/10: Attended a SAG Foundation CD workshop. Membership definitely has its perks!

2/8: Wardrobe fitting for The Reason!

2/5: Performed a comically fun-tastic role in Patrick Duncan's A Perfect Gentleman as a Christian woman accusing a man of indecent behavior.

2/4: Attended a fantastic SAG Conservatory evening with Billy DaMota

2/1: Chemistry reads with potential sons for The Reason


1/31: Booked The Reason!!!

1/30: Audition for a trailer for a wonderful novel The Reason. Serious dramatic storyline of a young mother learning her son has leukemia. It was the best dramatic audition I've ever given and really pulled into focus how far I've come in my craft, that that was its own reward.

1/29: Audition for a friend's awesome sci-fi pilot as Phoebe, a blue-skinned alien who's quick-witted and has a taste for adventure

1/22: Performed a reading for We Make Movies as Alex, a girl who lets her meathead boyfriend walk all over her.

1/21: Callback for a dramatic film where I play a woman dealing with loss

1/16: Audition for one of my favorite CDs, Sherrie Henderson for a sweet short about a woman (me) who falls for an androgynous young man (not me). 

On stage performing Nothing Is Exclusive

1/15: Performed in the audience's choice winning sketch Nothing is Exclusive at We Make Movies, in addition to performing in a hilarious improv as a woman trying to return a book.

1/14: Audition for a wonderful romance short as a woman who's dealing with the loss of her fiance.

1/4: Self-tape audition as a neuroscientist for a fun web series


12/4: Shot an industrial for a high-class outdoor grill and that night performed in an improv at We Make Movies

12/1: Go-see for Knott's Berry Farm print ad


11/22: My cameo in Daily Fiber's Sexy Pool video went live! Look for me in the Amish getup. ;)