Fall, or LA's Summer Part 2 - 2014!

A frame from Jes and Lora 


12/26: Honored to be the first guest on Emerging Artist Productions' new podcast with delightful host Sinohui Hinojosa. The podcast should be up some time around late next month.

12/15: Performed a hilarious scene for Jamie Harlan (Mindy Project, Togetherness) at the SAG Foundation.

12/13: Volunteered with LA Casting, hosting the fabulous Michael Sanford.

12/10: Auditioned for the lead in a web series as an comically unstable artsy barista.
- Performed in the We Make Movies monthly improv in a scenario I was attempting to return a bogus PS4 box full of bricks to a surly Target employee.

12/8: Auditioned for #News, a fun, face-paced and dialogue-heavy web news show.

12/4: Callback for a regular in the new web series Gentle Werewolf!

12/2: Attended a SAG Conservatory panel with wonderful and talented guest casting directors, Ronna Kress (The Great Gatsby, Moulin Rouge, Extant), John McAlary (Jersey Boys, Hunger Games: Catching Fire) and Rich Mento (Youth in Revolt, Warm Bodies, No Strings Attached).


11/23: Auditioned for a Converse campaign with my six-year-old beloved chucks.
- Worked on old and new characters at my on-going character group workshop.

11/22: Volunteered with Casting Networks for the fun-filled industry seminar with illustrious casting director Twinkie Byrd (Fruitvale Station, Notorious, Stomp the Yard).

11/20: Filmed the short Jes and Lora, a dramatic piece revealing the dark backstory of two troubled individuals as they form an unusual friendship.

11/18: Pounded out some new, fun characters at my on-going character monologue workshop.

11/12: Set up blocking and shots for short Jes and Lora on location.
- Performed in the We Make Movies reading of a new web series Making Friends by Laura Mannino as the quirky lead.

11/7: Auditioned for a supporting role in an AFI film, as the supportive, quirky sister of the lead.

11/5: Rehearsed for short Jes and Lora on location.
- Performed in a dramatic improv Therapist School, as an intern dealing with a patient afflicted with schizophrenia.

We Make Movies improv night "Haunted House"


10/30: Scouted a hiking trail location for an upcoming shoot. Sent over photos and video and got approval from the director!

10/28: Frankensexual, a sketch I was cast in for the Travis Richey Sketch Show, filmed at YouTube Space LA goes live!

10/24: Did another improv workshop for creating new characters with my actor friends.
- Rehearsed for feature From Here On.

10/22: Attended the International Music Conference with guest speakers Billy DaMota, CSA, Dea Vise, CSA, Ajay Jhaveri (Argentum Photo) and manager Daniel Rojo.

10/20: Auditioned for an artistic short as Amber, an artist with a flair for using human victims as her canvas.
- And self-taped for several industrials.

10/17: Rehearsed scene from the feature From Here On.

10/16:  Started a character and improv workshop with actor friends.

10/10: Rehearsed scene from the feature From Here On.

10/8: Performed in We Make Movies' improv night in Haunted House as a traumatized young woman on a date at a haunted house attraction.

A frame from my updated drama reel


9/24: Cut my new drama reel with all the great footage from The Reason!

9/21: Met with fellow actors to develop sketch ideas.

9/12: Auditioned for the feature Par Avion as Andrea, drunk off her ass and wants to get laid regardless of the fact that she keeps turning to the toilet to evacuate her dinner and returns another day to make amends for her behavior.

9/10: Performed in We Make Movies' improv night in Average Attractions as a small town mechanic who takes issue with the new city boy's ideas to improve the town.

We Make Movies improv night

9/9: Attended the LA Actors Tweetup with wonderful guest, casting director Marci Liroff. It's always nice to take your online relationships to the real-world level. ;)


8/30: Shot the zany Kickstarter video for Stupid Fights! a web series I was cast in.

8/23: Shot a colorful rockabilly photo shoot!

8/18: Filmed two super fun sketches for the Travis Richey Sketch Show at YouTube Space LA!

Still from Frankensexual

8/13: Performed in We Make Movies' improv night first in The Real Housewives of Wichita as Priscilla, an uppity religious woman with a secret and a book deal and then in Little Red Riding Hood....Gone Bad as Red, completely unaware of the Wolf's sexual advances.

8/8: Auditioned for a recurring role in the web series Gentle Wereworlf as Stephanie, a post-grad in Biology, practical, incredibly private and the voice of scientific reason.

8/7: Attended a SAG Casting Access Project workshop and performed for Stacey Levy.

8/6: Performed in Brian Gaskill's reading of Do Over at We Make Movies as Tangie, a dark, moody, passionate, angy, poetic goth girl with a dark past full of pain and loss.