Fall Recap

11/18: Shoot all day for an LGBT short film as a scorned lesbian lover
11/17: Volunteer at the monthly LACasting seminar with the fab VP of Casting at Cartoon Network, Sharon Lieblein
11/16: My Doritos shoot went live! 
11/15: Audition for the lead in a web series pilot
11/8: Volunteered for the Big Show for Young Storytellers where I acted in staged readings of 5th grader's first screenplays--there was a zombie apocolypse, velociraptors and puppies...so many puppies.
11/8: Attended a SAG-AFTRA workshop with CD Marlo Tiede (Grimm, 90210, Ghost Whisperer)--an excellent lady
11/4: Last day of shooting for the Doritos commercial! I was in very convincing make-shift doctor's office, standing in a tree,  and lying on top of a dumpster... crazy times.
11/4: On my lunch break from filming, I scooted over to audition for a fun web pilot, Balls Deep as a jealous lesbian lover
11/2: Audition for the lead in a film as an emotionally unstable girl

10/28: Shoot day two for Doritos
10/27: Audition for guest star in a web series as a young woman attracted to octagenarians
10/25: Shoot day one for Doritos shoot up at Farm Sanctuary alongside a huge pig and cow.
10/23: Audition for the lead in a web pilot as a vampire
10/16: Audition for a rockabilly girl in a national
10:13: Cast in a vegan-themed Doritos spec shoot

End of summer recap!

- 9/24: Started class with esteemed and uber-friendly casting director, Matt Barry (The Notebook, Rush Hour & RH2)
- 9/24: Audition for Orbitz Girl-type spokeswoman for a commercial
- 9/24: ScreenJunkies new show starting with "Avengers Haters" goes live!
- 9/17: Shot a featured role in a new web series for ScreenJunkies.com (the guys who make the "Honest Trailers") produced by Break Media and hosted by the HILARIOUS Hal Rudnick. It was awesome to work with so many cool (and/or interesting...) people on set
- 9/17: Received a callback request for the vampire web series :)
- 9/13: Audition for the lead in a vampire web series as the quirky, bubbly college grad who's in way over her head
- 9/10: Met with fellow actor/filmmaker friend Matt Bridges to develop a new comedic political web series
- 9/6: Went in for a looksee with GLEE (& American Horror Story and Nip/Tuck)'s EP/director, Brad Falchuk, on the Paramount lot for a featured role as a sexy, edgy goth chick

Still from "Avengers Haters"

- 8/27: Added separate comedy, drama and goth character reels online
- 8/25: Shot a cameo in the web series Project Hollywood as the creepy pyro punk chick responding to an ad on craigslist. My improv went so well, the director had to excuse any unnecessary crew from the room to preserve the take from laughter.

Oops, my first update for 2012

After an unplanned haitus due to the day job, things are back in full-swing! The little discussed truth is that to be an actor in LA, bills need to get paid (novel concept) in order to live the bigger dream for the long-term and I'm freaking happier than ever to be back pounding pavement every day!

- 7/19: Audition for Nick Anderson (True Blood, Ugly Betty) on a new web series
- 7/17: Audition for a quirky industrial
- 7/12: Called in to audition for another project by the wonderful M'saada Nia
- 7/7: New headshot session with Michael D'Ambrosia and make-up by Elena Gharbigi

- 6/30: Volunteer at LA Casting semianr with guest speaker Geralyn Flood (Big Time Rush, Spiderwick Chronicles), who recognized me from my turn in the web series obSETHed
- 6/26: Now being managed by Ileane Rusch and Karen Armstrong of Committed Artists Entertainment!!
- 6/7: Audition for lead in an indie feature as Leann, a damaged but hopeful young woman

- 5/6: Updated my reel with new footage

- 4/29: Self-tape for lead in a web series, an insecure waitress
- 4/28: Volunteer at LA Casting seminar with guest speaker G. Charles Wright (The Middle, That '70s Show)
- 4/7: Shoot part of a teaser for the period film Some of Your Blood as the love interest

- 2/18: Audition for host of Haunted Highway and made it to the next round of selects
- 2/7: My episode of obSETHed: Foul Play with Seth Coltan, Eric Roberts (Dark Knight, Heros) and Davis Choh goes live!