July Update

From the season finale of EXIT Stage Left © Brett Sims

- Callback; lead in Shakey Grounds and rocked it. Was told that regardless of which way the director goes, I'm one-of-a-kind and they definitely want to work with me in the future. What an awesome group of people.

- Audition; lead in the comedy Shakey Grounds as Trixie, the punk rock-goth, comic-book loving barista. Feedback after my first read, "Clearly you're very talented, so let's just try this another way..."

- Mop Up My Love wins Best Acting: Ensemble in the San Francisco 48hr Film Fest
- Audition; TeaUSA.org promo

- Callback for I Hate LA; lots of improv!

- Audition; Series regular in web series I Hate LA as Rain, the tactless hippie-artist-activist-vegan-barista-lesbian-neighbor

- Development meeting for new web series using my life experiences with EXIT Stage Left producer