Fall Recap

11/18: Shoot all day for an LGBT short film as a scorned lesbian lover
11/17: Volunteer at the monthly LACasting seminar with the fab VP of Casting at Cartoon Network, Sharon Lieblein
11/16: My Doritos shoot went live! 
11/15: Audition for the lead in a web series pilot
11/8: Volunteered for the Big Show for Young Storytellers where I acted in staged readings of 5th grader's first screenplays--there was a zombie apocolypse, velociraptors and puppies...so many puppies.
11/8: Attended a SAG-AFTRA workshop with CD Marlo Tiede (Grimm, 90210, Ghost Whisperer)--an excellent lady
11/4: Last day of shooting for the Doritos commercial! I was in very convincing make-shift doctor's office, standing in a tree,  and lying on top of a dumpster... crazy times.
11/4: On my lunch break from filming, I scooted over to audition for a fun web pilot, Balls Deep as a jealous lesbian lover
11/2: Audition for the lead in a film as an emotionally unstable girl

10/28: Shoot day two for Doritos
10/27: Audition for guest star in a web series as a young woman attracted to octagenarians
10/25: Shoot day one for Doritos shoot up at Farm Sanctuary alongside a huge pig and cow.
10/23: Audition for the lead in a web pilot as a vampire
10/16: Audition for a rockabilly girl in a national
10:13: Cast in a vegan-themed Doritos spec shoot