Self-producing like a BOSS

 (Photo by Matt Bridges)


Spent all month on a new web sketch that I co-wrote, co-produced and starred in! Producing means losing sleep, stressing, asking more favors than you like, lots and lots and lots of planning, and miracles left and right.

(Photo by Larry Smith)

8/29: Filmed my first *VIRTUAL REALITY* shoot at YouTube Space LA in their killer Oval Office White House set!

(Photo by GS Ford)

8/19: Had a few sketch writing meetings creating great new content poking at current social issues.

8/11: Attended another great SAG-AFTRA Foundation casting workshop, this time with the lovely Russell Boast. I performed my favorite monologue--a piece from Black Mirror.

8/4: Auditioned for another live horror theatre show. That seems to be the theme lately...


7/31: Brainstormed sketch ideas with talented producer/director/writer/actor Lu Louis

7/30: Auditioned for a live horror theatre show!

7/27: Interviewed for an actor role in one of LA's creepy escape rooms

7/25: Hashed out a script for a new sketch with long-time actress friend, Lynna Yee!

7/22: Brainstormed an idea for a new sketch with Lynna.

7/20: Callback for a live horror theatre show in connection with James Franco's production company!

7/16: Back at the SAG-AFTRA Conservatory for their talk with Mark Teschner of General Hospital and a great theatrical casting panel.

7/16: Attended the SAG-AFTRA Conservatory's summer intensive panel with various commercial casting directors speaking about current industry trends.

7/15: Shot a hilarious role in an 80s throwback web series about women, and auditioned for a creepy child in a live horror theatre show! Talk about range...

7/14: Rappelled down a 25-story building in downtown LA as completion of my fundraising campaign for Shatterproof--a great non-profit working to end the stigma around addiction and help people from becoming future addicts.

(Photo by Patrick Duncan)

7/6: Auditioned for the "cool, down-to-earth girl" in a great short and then I threw on my British accent auditioning for a web series regular in an edu-comedic series.


6/18: Took off for ten days to enjoy my dream Thailand vacation! Work hard, play hard. ;)

6/13: Attended an amazing panel presented by Netflix with two panels of their shows casting directors and talent at Paramount Pictures!

6/10-11: Performed--and scared the pants out of people--as an armored chupacabra guarding a labyrinth at The Great Horror Campout!!

(Yes, this is me)

6/9: Dress rehearsal for the Great Horror Campout! Almost show time!

6/8: Rehearsal for the Great Horror Campout!

6/7: Volunteered at SAG-AFTRA Foundation for their screening of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Q&A with hilarious, talented, sweet creator Rachel Bloom and lovely showrunner Aline Brosh McKenna.

6/5: Auditioned for the lead in a play

6/1: Fitting for my costume in the Great Horror Campout!

Auditions, auditions, auditions...


5/27: Auditioned for a core performer role in a political comedy revue, where I brought out my Sarah Palin.

5/16: Auditioned for a recurring role in a comedy pilot!

5/13: Auditioned for a doe-eyed midwestern assistant new to the Hollywood scene

5/11: Playing a casualty victim for a triage training event, bring on the latex and blood!

5/9: Auditioned for a scare monster in the Great Horror Campout! Followed by an audition (literally in the next room, can you say quick change?) for an interactive theatre show!

5/3: Took advantage of SAG-AFTRA Conservatory's event hosting three major casting directors: Kerry Barden (everything... he cast everything amazing: Love & Mercy, The Help, Spotlight, Se7en, August: Osage County, Good Will Hunting), Dorian Frankel (Parks & Rec), and April Webster (Star Trek, Fringe, The Nanny).

5/2: Performed a new monologue from my favorite episode of Black Mirror in a SAG-AFTRA Foundation workshop with amazing casting director--who's also hella real and nice--Barbara McCarthy (Celeste & Jesse Forever, The Road Within, For A Good Time Call) and walked away feeling like I hit it out of the park.


4/30: Went in for the callback as the satirical young mom and did a chemistry read with a potential husband and son. It's always interesting to see who casting would think you'd marry.

4/28: Got a last minute audition for an ABC mini-series and drove up to San Francisco at the crack of dawn to read for it!

4/26: Woohoo--notified of a callback for Billy DaMota and Dea Vise's project!

4/21: Shot new headshots for my punk rocker look with Catching Light Photography and LOVE THEM!!!
- Shot another sketch with Lu Louis as a prostitute (I guess I had to play one eventually, may as well do it with friends)

4/19: Auditioned for actor-friendly casting directors Billy DaMota and Dea Vise for the lead in a satirical film as a cookie cutter mom type.

4/15: Auditioned as a femme fatale in a noir style music video for a major artist.
- Jes And Lora won a Silver Award from the Los Angeles Film Review!!!

4/12: Auditioned for the lead in a pilot as a young woman resorting to witchcraft to find a decent boyfriend.
- Also auditioned for a new play at the Victory Theatre in Burbank smart software company rep who lets go and gets drunk on a business trip overseas and hilarity ensues.
- And finished the day volunteering at the SAG-AFTRA Foundation's Casting Access Project workshop for kids with the generous and honest Nickelodeon casting director Krisha Bullock. I got to be the reader with these crazy talented kids!

4/9: Auditioned for a one-woman show about the drag and confusion of online dating for the Hollywood Fringe Festival
- Filmed for Green Piñata and got to be turned into a zombie for my first time and it was a blast!!

4/6: Booked the horror film, Green Piñata by John Moreno!

4/4: Auditioned for a horror film as a sweet young woman who becomes a zombie.


3/22: Auditioned for a quirky hair dresser in for a new web series. 

3/21: Auditioned for Alice in The Los Angeles Children's Theater's production of Alice In Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass!
- Sent in a tape for a fun San Francisco film as a woman trying to hide her homosexuality from her conservative parents. 

3/20: Auditioned for a touring production of one acts at various LA public libraries with The Alliance of Los Angeles Playwrights.

3/19: Recorded a voice-over session as the "hottie next door" for an LGBT-friendly pilot!
- Volunteered at Casting Networks' monthly seminar with commercial casting director, Karen Ryan of Canvas Casting who was super lovely.

3/18: Played the bohemian love interest in the film Writing the Wave at LA's semi-famous The Iliad Bookshop.

(Photo by Retta Putignano)

3/14: Sent in a self-tape for the lead in a feature shooting in San Francisco as a woman passionately running a charity but struggles to come to terms with the toxic relationships in her life.

3/9: Booked the romantic interest in the film Writing the Wave!
- Jes And Lora is accepted into New York Film Week!

3/6: Jes And Lora wins a Kudos for Drama from iHolly International Film Fest!!

3/2: Auditioned for a supporting role in a film produced by Outfest and LA's LGBT Center!


2/25: Auditioned for David Fincher's new Netflix series!
- Shot a parody Brittney Spears music video with the talented Adrian J. Anchondo:

2/21: Read in a live performance of a feature screenplay in association with One Axe Plays. 

2/19: Jes And Lora screens at the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival!!

(hard to tell, but this screen is HUGE!!!)

2/18: Attended orientation to be a SAG-AFTRA Foundation volunteer! Ready to give back to my union at the events I already love!

2/17: New 30-second trailer released for Jes And Lora!:

2/16: Shot another sketch with the brilliant Hari Williams and Lu Louis!
- Auditioned for a comedy web series as a deadpan office worker.