Auditions, auditions, auditions...


5/27: Auditioned for a core performer role in a political comedy revue, where I brought out my Sarah Palin.

5/16: Auditioned for a recurring role in a comedy pilot!

5/13: Auditioned for a doe-eyed midwestern assistant new to the Hollywood scene

5/11: Playing a casualty victim for a triage training event, bring on the latex and blood!

5/9: Auditioned for a scare monster in the Great Horror Campout! Followed by an audition (literally in the next room, can you say quick change?) for an interactive theatre show!

5/3: Took advantage of SAG-AFTRA Conservatory's event hosting three major casting directors: Kerry Barden (everything... he cast everything amazing: Love & Mercy, The Help, Spotlight, Se7en, August: Osage County, Good Will Hunting), Dorian Frankel (Parks & Rec), and April Webster (Star Trek, Fringe, The Nanny).

5/2: Performed a new monologue from my favorite episode of Black Mirror in a SAG-AFTRA Foundation workshop with amazing casting director--who's also hella real and nice--Barbara McCarthy (Celeste & Jesse Forever, The Road Within, For A Good Time Call) and walked away feeling like I hit it out of the park.


4/30: Went in for the callback as the satirical young mom and did a chemistry read with a potential husband and son. It's always interesting to see who casting would think you'd marry.

4/28: Got a last minute audition for an ABC mini-series and drove up to San Francisco at the crack of dawn to read for it!

4/26: Woohoo--notified of a callback for Billy DaMota and Dea Vise's project!

4/21: Shot new headshots for my punk rocker look with Catching Light Photography and LOVE THEM!!!
- Shot another sketch with Lu Louis as a prostitute (I guess I had to play one eventually, may as well do it with friends)

4/19: Auditioned for actor-friendly casting directors Billy DaMota and Dea Vise for the lead in a satirical film as a cookie cutter mom type.

4/15: Auditioned as a femme fatale in a noir style music video for a major artist.
- Jes And Lora won a Silver Award from the Los Angeles Film Review!!!

4/12: Auditioned for the lead in a pilot as a young woman resorting to witchcraft to find a decent boyfriend.
- Also auditioned for a new play at the Victory Theatre in Burbank smart software company rep who lets go and gets drunk on a business trip overseas and hilarity ensues.
- And finished the day volunteering at the SAG-AFTRA Foundation's Casting Access Project workshop for kids with the generous and honest Nickelodeon casting director Krisha Bullock. I got to be the reader with these crazy talented kids!

4/9: Auditioned for a one-woman show about the drag and confusion of online dating for the Hollywood Fringe Festival
- Filmed for Green Piñata and got to be turned into a zombie for my first time and it was a blast!!

4/6: Booked the horror film, Green Piñata by John Moreno!

4/4: Auditioned for a horror film as a sweet young woman who becomes a zombie.


3/22: Auditioned for a quirky hair dresser in for a new web series. 

3/21: Auditioned for Alice in The Los Angeles Children's Theater's production of Alice In Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass!
- Sent in a tape for a fun San Francisco film as a woman trying to hide her homosexuality from her conservative parents. 

3/20: Auditioned for a touring production of one acts at various LA public libraries with The Alliance of Los Angeles Playwrights.

3/19: Recorded a voice-over session as the "hottie next door" for an LGBT-friendly pilot!
- Volunteered at Casting Networks' monthly seminar with commercial casting director, Karen Ryan of Canvas Casting who was super lovely.

3/18: Played the bohemian love interest in the film Writing the Wave at LA's semi-famous The Iliad Bookshop.

(Photo by Retta Putignano)

3/14: Sent in a self-tape for the lead in a feature shooting in San Francisco as a woman passionately running a charity but struggles to come to terms with the toxic relationships in her life.

3/9: Booked the romantic interest in the film Writing the Wave!
- Jes And Lora is accepted into New York Film Week!

3/6: Jes And Lora wins a Kudos for Drama from iHolly International Film Fest!!

3/2: Auditioned for a supporting role in a film produced by Outfest and LA's LGBT Center!


2/25: Auditioned for David Fincher's new Netflix series!
- Shot a parody Brittney Spears music video with the talented Adrian J. Anchondo:

2/21: Read in a live performance of a feature screenplay in association with One Axe Plays. 

2/19: Jes And Lora screens at the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival!!

(hard to tell, but this screen is HUGE!!!)

2/18: Attended orientation to be a SAG-AFTRA Foundation volunteer! Ready to give back to my union at the events I already love!

2/17: New 30-second trailer released for Jes And Lora!:

2/16: Shot another sketch with the brilliant Hari Williams and Lu Louis!
- Auditioned for a comedy web series as a deadpan office worker.