Starting the new year with a BANG!

Boy howdy, it's been a crazy busy year already!! Lucky number 2013. :) Plus, between all of these auditions and shoots, I've been doing informal cold-read workouts with a few fellow actors one to two times a week. I'm officially acting full time!

2/26: Auditioned for a recurring role in a sketch web series.

2/24: Shot an episode for Seraph Films' popular Horror Haiku series. So much fun!! Just too bad I lost my voice the next day from screaming at a monster.

2/23: Started the day shooting a hilarious sketch for, reuniting for my third project with them! I broke for a long lunch to audition for spot at ASG Casting, then raced back to set to finish the shoot!

2/22: Got a very last minute call to step in to shoot a comedic sketch for BrevityTV tomorrow since sadly their actress fell ill.

2/21: Had a callback for a Hallmark project. Every one was super friendly--and it makes all the difference. That night I attended a SAG Foundation workshop with Nancy Nayor's associate, Lindsey Weissmueller, who was super easy-going and fun.

2/20: Received a callback notice to read for the lead in the Hallmark project!

2/19: Auditioned for the lead in a short as a bossy, gothy teen, a supporting role in a Hallmark project, and the lead in an apocalyptic short as a jaded and brave young woman... yup, all in one day!

2/11: Auditioned for the lead in a film as a brassy, punk-rock chick as well as a quirky host in a new web comedy news show

2/13: The vegan Doritos commercial I was cast in is now on YouTube!

2/9: Submitted a recording for a v/o gig

2/6: Performed at We Make Movies in I AM JoeLarryNickStevePedro by Emily Habeck alongside the beautiful √Član O'Connor and funnyman Nathan Paul.

2/5: Attended a SAG Conservatory panel with amazing speakers such as actor Jason George (Grey's Anatomy) and CD Pam Dixon (Zorro films, Tremors, The Craft...), moderated by the wonderful Lee Garlington.

1/31: Auditioned for the lead in a heavy dramatic indie as an emotionally abused young wife and also picked up the prints of my new main headshot, huzzah!

1/30: Performed in We Make Movies' improv night amongst some of my new favorite faces

1/25: Voted in the SAG awards for my first time!!

1/22: Self-taped for the lead in a dramatic web series and got booked to shoot the cover of a horror magazine as a goth gogo model!

1/18: Auditioned via Skype with Frederator Studios in NYC! They're the team behind Adventure Time, Fairly Odd Parents and more... It was an honor above all else.

1/16: Began co-writing a web series with fellow amazingly talented actress Melissa Ciesla!

1/10: Auditioned for the lead in a sci-fi feature followed by reading for the lead in an awesome comedic film as a charismatic, perky and odd new-agey bohemian

1/9: Performed in a stage reading as the lead in a romantic comedy at We Make Movies to a fantastic applause, alongside fantastic actors Melissa Ciesla and Skyler Caleb

1/8: Auditioned for the lead in a very funny short

1/6: Auditioned for a pilot as the beautiful, edgy and tough loving stage manager of a rock venue