Summer lovin'!!

 On set of Bare Nekked Chef


6/17: Self-taped for the romantic lead in a fun web series

6/15: Shot day one for Blue Rose

6/12: Attended a great and intimate SAG event with the illustrious CD Ronna Kress (Gatsby, Moulin Rouge, Notting Hill)

6/10:  Rehearsal for Blue Rose with brilliant actor, and great friend, Evan O'Brien in the male lead

6/4: Table read for the pilot Burbank Academy of Drama. I play Heather, a beautiful and overly-optimistic Canadian transplant.

My cameo in Bare Nekked Chef AND Breezy both air! I love improv-friendly sets most of all.

6/1: Cast in an awesome new webseries, Burbank Academy of Drama! Plus, the last day of my commercial class, followed by the table read for Blue Rose


5/18: Reunited with Meg Mormon and Sunny Boling at the LACasting seminar

5/15: Another great night at We Make Movies (and who knew you could be complimented so much as the narrator? :))

5/11: Started Killian McHugh's month-long commercial class

5/9: Auditioned for a recurring role in a new black comedy web series, followed by the news that I booked Blue Rose!

5/8: Shot my scene for the web series pilot, Breezy, although I had to push through it with a cold. I was super excited and happy to be working opposite the fabulous Kelly Mullis!

Afterwards I headed to my callback for Blue Rose


4/29: Auditioned to be a scare actor for The Great Horror Campout! I dug up my most creepy voice for this. ;)

4/28: Table read for a play

4/26: Writers meeting for my upcoming comedy series with co-creator Melissa Ciesla, followed by an awesome wrap party for the first season of Project Hollywood

4/24: Got a callback for Blue Rose!

4/21: Audition for the lead in Blue Rose, a sci-fi podcast drama

4/20: Writers meeting with Melissa Ciesla to discuss rewrites on our web series

4/17: Performing again with We Make Movies in a dramatic turn

4/15: Meeting with Breezy creator, Bri Giger, to discuss my role

4/14: Photo shoot with Lionfly Headshots, followed by a creative meeting with a writer to begin works on a new web series venture I'm spearheading.

4/12: Cast in a web series pilot, Breezy, with the wonderfully talented Bri Giger!
Also continued working on my web series with co-creator Melissa Ciesla.

Still from Horror Haiku: Moonlit Walk

4/10: My Horror Haiku episode airs!
Plus, I play an uber-serious business exec at We Make Movies improv night

4/6: Read for the spunky sidekick in a kickass new web series

4/3: Shot two episodes of the Bare Nekked Chef with Daily Fiber Films' fantastically multi-talented actor/writer/producer Raymond McAnally!

 Still from Unicorn Factory


3/28: Read for the villian in a fun web series: "an attractive, irritable, condescending female assassin who enjoys berating her partner almost as much as she relishes carving up victims."

3/26: My BrevityTV sketch Unicorn Factory goes live! It's unicorns like you've never seen them before.

 Still from Unicorn Factory

3/25: Attended the East West Player's ABC Diversity Panel

3/18: Read for the lead in another sci-fi project

3/16: Table read for a sci-fi drama. I played the lead, Melissa, a wannabe journalist in way--way--over her head.

3/13: Rocked the house at We Make Movies' improv night as a Brit with a tea addiction

3/11: Put myself on tape for the lead in a feature shooting in Michigan

3/6: Performed in We Make Movies as Melinda: "the fact that her husband left her for another man tends to color her feelings about all men." Fun role!!