Oops, my first update for 2012

After an unplanned haitus due to the day job, things are back in full-swing! The little discussed truth is that to be an actor in LA, bills need to get paid (novel concept) in order to live the bigger dream for the long-term and I'm freaking happier than ever to be back pounding pavement every day!

- 7/19: Audition for Nick Anderson (True Blood, Ugly Betty) on a new web series
- 7/17: Audition for a quirky industrial
- 7/12: Called in to audition for another project by the wonderful M'saada Nia
- 7/7: New headshot session with Michael D'Ambrosia and make-up by Elena Gharbigi

- 6/30: Volunteer at LA Casting semianr with guest speaker Geralyn Flood (Big Time Rush, Spiderwick Chronicles), who recognized me from my turn in the web series obSETHed
- 6/26: Now being managed by Ileane Rusch and Karen Armstrong of Committed Artists Entertainment!!
- 6/7: Audition for lead in an indie feature as Leann, a damaged but hopeful young woman

- 5/6: Updated my reel with new footage

- 4/29: Self-tape for lead in a web series, an insecure waitress
- 4/28: Volunteer at LA Casting seminar with guest speaker G. Charles Wright (The Middle, That '70s Show)
- 4/7: Shoot part of a teaser for the period film Some of Your Blood as the love interest

- 2/18: Audition for host of Haunted Highway and made it to the next round of selects
- 2/7: My episode of obSETHed: Foul Play with Seth Coltan, Eric Roberts (Dark Knight, Heros) and Davis Choh goes live!