2012 Looking back

While honestly 2012 wasn't my favorite year career-wise thusfar, it was still full of tons of amazingly fun moments...

In December, I shot a new round of headshots, shot a guest spot in a web series, was cast in an indie project and gave an awesome improv performance at We Make Movies' Holiday show.

In November, I did my first looping/walla gig and finished shooting the Doritos commercial and had a blast with both!!

October was full of lots of great auditions and I began shooting on a pro-veg Doritos commercial.

I went in for a role on Glee and met with director Brad Falchuk, began studying with Matthew Barry, casting director of The Notebook and Rush Hour films, and I was cast in an episode of Screen Junkies in September.

In August I shot a cameo in the web series Project Hollywood and had the whole crew cracking up with my improvised poetry.

July was full of lots of great auditions and I began being managed by Committed Artists Entertainment in June.

Updated my reel with new footage in May.

In April I shot a period project and in February my episode of obSETHed with Eric Roberts went live!

What a year!!!