June ~ July

 Still from Corporate Dialects


7/27: Shot a hilarious photo shoot for the opening montage of Stupid Fights... coming soon to screens near you.

7/26: Volunteered at the monthly LA Casting seminar with illustrious guest Lisa Pantone!

7/2: Auditioned for the lead in a film as a lab assistant working in the field, struggling to hide her epilepsy.


6/29:  Final performance with iO West's live show Sketch Pool! Each week was a different show, with 24 hours to memorize 4-5 sketches of completely different characters. It was a fantastic and fun experience!!

From Sketch Pool, pictured left playing a stoned foster mom alongside Kate Huffman and Avery Pearson

6/28: Filming the pilot for Stupid Fights with the fabulous director Jacquelyn Raffle and Cave Prods. team!

6/22: Another fabulous performance in iO West's Sketch Pool, directed by Dave Ciaccio!

6/21: Volunteered at the LA Casting seminar with guest speaker Chadwick Struck--one of the most actor-friendly CDs out there.

6/20: The first teaser trailer for The Reason goes online

6/15: Second show for iO West's Sketch Pool, directed by its founder, the hilarious one-of-a-kind Blake Hogue!

6/10: We Make Movies WMMOriginals' sketch Corporate Dialects goes live!

6/9: Auditioned for the feature Boned as an overworked casting associate... My old day jobs have finally payed off!

6/8: First rehearsal and performance in iO West's Sketch Pool with Keith Saltojanes directing!

6/1: The episode of Project Hollywood featuring my cracked out roommate applicant is an official selection of the Miami Web Fest!