2016 a lovely finish; 2017 a promising start

 iLove Android screening at the Chinese Theatres for HollyShorts


1/13: Filmed a satirical Trump sketch with filmmaker friends Hari Williams and Lu Louis and a cast of characters

1/11: Put myself on a tape for a short

1/10: First new She's So Right mini webisode of the new year offers parenting tips!

1/7: Filmed a web series pilot and auditioned for an Ariana Grande music video!


12/18: Volunteered at SAG-AFTRA Foundation for a kids workshop

12/17: Volunteered at Casting Networks/LA Casting's last seminar for the year!

12/15: iLove Android screens at the HollyShorts monthly screening series at the Chinese Theatres along with some other wonderful films!!

Interviewed with Lynna Yee by inDspotlight host H.R. Cole (Photo by Patrick Duncan) 

12/13: One of my favorite silly bits from my She's So Right episodes goes online:

12/12: Self-taped for a video game comedic web series

12/9: iLove Android is a Semi-Finalist for the Hollywood Screenings Film Festival!

12/7: Auditioned for lead in indie feature shooting in NY

12/6: Jes and Lora WINS BEST SHORT at the Hollywood & Vine Film Festival!!

12/2: iLove Android screens to a full house at the Pass Area International Film Festival in Banning, CA!


11/29: My third webisode of She's So Right is online! '80s thoughts on equal pay:

11/28: Interviewed to be a financial web series host

11/20: iLove Android is an official selection of Pass Area International Film Festival!

11/12: Jes and Lora screens at the ITSA Film Festival in Sonora, CA!

11/11:  iLove Android screens at the First Rule of Film Club Presents: Indie Showcase in England! So happy to know that the Brits enjoy nerdy humor just like us yanks

And another mini webisode of She's So Right goes live:

11/6: A dramatic political short I was cast in, #Ballot, goes live!

11/5: iLove Android is an official selection of the First Rule of Film Club Presents: Indie Showcase in England!

11/1: My first webisode of She's So Right launches! Enjoy some snarky '80s femmtastic bits!


10/23: iLove Android screens at We Make Movies' monthly screening series at Three Clubs in Hollywood!
- I also read a staged reading for a great comedic pilot by the talented Laura Mannino!

10/20: Filmed a political drama, #Ballot, with an old friend and mad talented actor, Leon Banks.

Meanwhile, on the east coast, Jes and Lora screens at the Orlando Film Festival as part of their Overcoming Afflictions program!

10/14: iLove Android is an official selection of LA's HollyShorts monthly screenings!!!

And She's So Right! launches on YouTube!

(Photo by Valentina Vee)

10/13: Volunteered at Live Talks LA and got to see the inimitable Bryan Cranston!!!

10/12: Taped my callback audition for a Screen Junkies News host!

10/10: Filmed a very funny take on Columbus Day with some of my favorite people

(From left to right) With Modern Day Explorer filmmaker Lu Louis and
castmates  Kevin Young and Hari Williams (Photo by Lu Louis)

10/8: Recorded a self-tape for a comedic web series

10/4: Won BEST ACTRESS for my dramatic work in Jes and Lora at Scotland's The Monthly Film Festival!!!!!

10/1: Met and signed with a new talent agency across the board: Engage Artists Agency!
And Jes and Lora screened at discover.film in London!


9/30: Performed in Glendale International Film Fest's screenplay finalist readings
- Sent in a self-taped audition for a pilot

(Photo by Patrick Duncan)

9/21: iLove Android screens at We Make Movies' workshop "What's Next" to get some PR tips

9/14: iLove Android goes live!
I also designed its fun thumbnail image :D

9/9-13: Trained myself on Adobe Premiere and spent a couple days doing a final round of edits on my project iLove Android. Do whatcha gotta do!

9/11: Jes and Lora is an official selection of the Orlando Film Festival!!

9/9: Jes and Lora is an official selection of The Monthly Film Festival in Glasgow, Scotland AND Discover Film Festival in LONDON! Thanks for the love, England!

9/8: Auditioned for the lead in a touching short